Where do you ship?

Currently Marama ships to the U.S. and Canada

Are Marama products all natural?

All Marama products are made with a selection of pure plant actives, naturally derived, certified organic and natural ingredients. When a product has water in it (any product that is not an oil or balm), we must use a small amount of preservative in order to ensure the products are not prone to contamination. We use effective but low level, safety-tested preservative systems.

Are Marama products fragrance free?

All Marama products are free from synthetic and chemical fragrances. Many of our products are scented with pure essential oils up to safe level of scenting for the recommended age of the product. Marama Mama products (for pregnancy) included only those essential oils deemed safe for pregnancy.

Are Marama products gluten free?

Medical experts say gluten protein is too large a molecule to be absorbed through the skin and thus those dealing with gluten intolerance will not be negatively affected by gluten that comes in contact with the skin. That said, we know kids can put things in their mouths so we've formulated most of Marama's products to be gluten free. The exception is our Baby Shampoo and Wash which may contains trace amounts of gluten due to the ingredient "hydrolyzed wheat protein".